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Rossi Modo BB

Love Attraction Oil

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Wanting love.... Needing to get the attention of a lover... add a little love attracting oil to your manifesting! 

How to use: Apply like perfume oil..
Oil can also be extended to your face... or behind your ears(that’s where your pulse is) 
If you have a particular person in mind, while rubbing, mention his/her 3 times and manifest your expectations. Visualize the interaction allow your body to feel hot and intense as you would if the person were literally there beside you breathing on your neck!

If you will see the person, wear your oil just as you would a perfume oil and maintain eye contact with them.

this is great for attracting attention from a suitor. Wear it out to dinner one night, wear it to an event, anywhere you know high valued men will be! We not attracting Tyrone!

do not use this oil 50x a day trying to attract every damn body! FOCUS your intentions!!!! 

PLEASE DO NOT USE ON SOMEONE YOU HURT OR ARE TRYING TO TRAP OR SOMEONE WHO DOES NOT WANT TO BE WITH YOU! Those situations ALWAYS end badly and you will be buying oil for the rest of your life! DONT do it! Manifest and cultivate pure, genuine love and intentions! 

size: 10ml roller ball

no refunds no exchanges 

disclaimer: I do not promise anything. Using the spiritual products and results produced are directly correlated to your heart and minds pure intention!