AHA Gel Chemical Peel

AHA Gel Chemical Peel

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This gel peel is ph balanced for face and body!

instructions are to apply a thin layer onto clean skin. Allow to dry and rinse off 30mins afterwards with cool water. Do not rub or agitate the skin applies!

a light peeling of the skin will commence in 24-48hrs! While skin is peeling please do not pull or tear skin. Keep the area moisturized at all time and please wear sunscreen. Skin will naturally slough off over the course of a few days presenting beautiful bright and even tones. Please avoid direct sunlight during the treatment. No lightening agents or products should be used during this time. 

Not to be used more than 1x a week or 3x a month! 

Xanthan gum AHA fruit acids Triethanolamine Preservative DHA

2oz bottle should be kept in a cool dark place out if direct sunlight!

With our Chemical peel it offers a very soft peel! 

Use the Chemical peel and allow to peel for 1 week then once the week completes you can begin with your Glow Skin kit! Do not use any of the glow products during your Chemical Peel down time. Always use the kit or the Peel on alternative weeks!