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Rossi Modo Bath & Body

Breast Enhancement Kit

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Made of 100% pure natural herb which is contain Snail liquid to nourish breast.
Accelerating the cell activation of the whole breast and uplift your breast.
Has the function of breast enhancement, breast compact and delicate breast skin.
Capable of balancing hormones, reducing the breast blood flow, activating the breast tissue and so on.
It is more effective to use the cream after taking a bath.
Using breast enhancement oil together with breast enhancement tea will have a better effect, at least 2 times the effect of using
breast enhancement oil alone.

Usage of breast enhancement oil:
After cleansing, apply proper amount of this product gently around thebreast, again with fingertips from down to up, massage the
breast fromoutside to inside, to press the lift technique, gently massage breast, promote products fully absorbed.Hot water bath
(or towel hot compress)after use, the effect is better. Use it once a day, or in a beauty salon for professional care.


** please note new label for the breast enhancement pill bottle 

All natural breast enhancement oil, cream, and pill supplement - 3 items total

massages 2x a day you will see your breast increase in size ; please take a photo before beginning the capsules and cream and a photo afterward to measure results

clients see results after 1-2 kits have been completed and consistently used.

Please read each products description and suggestions before use.

results vary - no refunds