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Rossi Modo BB

Complexion Soufflé

This isn’t Shea butter! 

This is a complexion cream used to lighten blemish, lighten the appearance of scars, and remove dark marks! 

The Complexion Soufflé is to be applied at night as a nighttime treatment for your face(sparingly) and body!

Pair this with our amazing Complexion Polish(scrub)(2x a week) and our Glow Soap! 

colors vary and are only for decoration they do not have any effect on effectiveness of the product! 

please note ingredients of the product for allergic confirmation! 

Do not wear this Complexion Soufflé in the sun! 
while using the product please use a sunscreen or cover up when outside in the day time! 

The Complexion Soufflé had a seasonal fragrance but is very light and subtle! Colors are also seasonal most times production will be a white/cream in color!