Fortified Blue Eye Accessories

Fortified Blue Eye Accessories

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Blue eyes is affixed against anything that is perceived to attract greed, envy or ill will. It brings/attracts to its owner goodluck, fortune, happiness, protection , money and many more...

All accessories as seen are highly Internationally fortified & still locally fortified by my elders in Africa

Anti evil/Money magnet bracelet...
The good thing about this particular blue eye bracelet is that it is combined with cowry which traditionally is a symbol of fortune/ wealth/money/prosperity/fertility and many more.. it is our strongest bracelet.
Thats why i call it the Anti evil & money magnet blue eye bracelet. Internationally and locally fortified...

The ring is non tarnish & highly locally fortified . Instigates a burning sensation on you when in the wrong place, way paver and many more. In jamaica we call these Guard ring! 

Same as Necklace a guardian against all things negative! 

Instructions for the blue eye accessories :

It should be worn often
Except during any sexual intercourse
If it used during any sexual intercourse ,please dispose it .
Say your wishes to it and your hearts desires.... manifest!

And it should be worn on the left hand only-your left hand is for receiving blessings, favor 

Do not share with anybody,it should not be shared with anyone!