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Rossi Modo BB

Glow Skin Kit

We offer 3 Variations with this kit!

1.The Glow kit!

The kit includes our Glow African Soap, Glow Spot Serum, and the Brightening Body Scrub!

together used consistently well help to even dark blemishes and dark marks!

Deluxe Glow Soap is best used directly on the skin, allow to sit on the skin, then rinse off with cool water. Do not apply to washcloth! Great for face and body! 4oz 

Glow spot serum - is my fav serum to just use even when I’m not spot treating! A great serum packed with vitamins for the skin! Can be used on face and body! Use nightly on cleansed skin! 120ml 

Brightening Body Scrub - The key to beautiful skin is getting rid of old skin and allowing new skin to be exposed and then treated! Our Brightening body scrub is not only an amazing sugar scrub but it also had a bit of a mild chemical peel! Use 1-2x a week! On face and body! 

your skin renews every 6 weeks! Remember that when treating your Skin! 

2. Deluxe Kit includes The Gel skin exfoliant kit:

with our Chemical peel it offers a very soft peel! 
Use the Chemical peel and allow to peel for 1 week then once the week completes you can begin with your Glow Skin kit! Do not use any of the glow products during your Chemical Peel down time. Always use with the kit or the Peel on alternative weeks! 2oz 

3. Spa Kit Glow edition(the glow kit with 1 mask selection)

Masks are a great way to help detox your skin! We offer the Turmeric Masks which is geared towards brightening your complexion! Mix the mask with water or Rose water allow to dry completely and rinse with cool water. 4oz mask and 1oz Rose water 

The Pink Clay mask is our amazing clay masks geared towards those who have acne! The Pink Clay mixture helps to calm the skin while ridding the skin of toxins! Mix the mask with water or Rose water; allow to fry completely, rinse with cool water.  4oz masks and 1oz Rose water 

How to use: 

In the order described you can use the glow soap 2x daily if you’re not planning to go out side.
If you work outdoors during the day keep your skin routine to night time.
You will do your soap nightly on where ever you’re treating!
-Air dry or pat try then spot treat with the serum
- use the scrub 2x a week on the same area

Masks can be done weekly


Using the Gel skin exfoliate(on week one apply the product in desired area - follow instructions do not exceed 30mins; minimum 10 minutes! Use light moisturizer and sunscreen during the week a following your peel. Then week 2 is when you will follow the directions above! 
never use flow products and gel peel in the same week; you must alternate!!!  You don’t want to over work your skin! Take your time! 

**I’d suggest doing a patch test with the products so you test if you will have any allergic reaction to any of the products.

Also store in a very cool and dark place.

When you’re out in the day time please wear sunscreen and cover the area!