Luxury Puse’ Membrane
Luxury Puse’ Membrane
Luxury Puse’ Membrane
Luxury Puse’ Membrane
Luxury Puse’ Membrane
Luxury Puse’ Membrane

Luxury Puse’ Membrane

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What's A Luxury Puse’ membrane ?

it's a natural mask for private parts(vaginal). the main ingredients have come from natural green plants, nature without stimulate, plant skin essence concentrates made from modern biotechnology.The active ingredients are evenly dissolved in the liquid to make a convenient private parts mask and from the source to prevent bacteria from breeding in hair follicles.





1. Resist the growth of vulvar bacteria, and improve the genital itching and tingling caused by vulvitis.

2. nourish the vulva skin: effectively moisturize the skin and keep the skin smooth and clean

3. Beautify the private parts: effectively deepen the skin, remove acne, decompose aging keratin, break down melanin, maintain the normal pH value of the private parts, effectively promote the skin to quickly absorb vitamin C, minerals, protein, etc. in the crystal, thereby achieving the skin redness The purpose is to make the private part of  beautiful pink.

4. Lighten melanin

5. Remove odor

6 clear hair follicle bacteria

7. Supplementing estrogen to improve the quality of sexual activity

8.treatment the vaginal dryness


How to use 



1.Wash your hand and vaginal , take out one piece vaginal T membrance.

2.Slowly placed the membrane under the lower abdomen.

3.Make the membrace  flat to fit the skin.

4.Relax and Enjoy 15-20 minutes.