Luxury Yoni Upgrade Kit

Luxury Yoni Upgrade Kit

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please note any and all kits containing Designa Vagina are set for pre-order and will ship on or before 2/17

Is the premiere kit to not only Sweeten, Tighten, and Allow your Yoni to purrrrrr a natural river!

items are included: 1. Needle Eye Pill(24ct), 1 Designa Va*ina, and 1 UKKU bit(15ml)

**please refrigerate until the appointed time to use designa va*ina.

you may use these products all at once for an extreme tightening effect!

effective for: tightening your Yoni and making your husband yearn for you  

not regulated by the f d a this is a foreign import*

There are no refund or exchanges of any product  

not F d A approved 

I am not a medical doctor nor do I claim to be nor claim any medical claims with any products! Any results provided are strictly confidential. We do not claim any results all results may vary.