P’Se Parfum'
P’Se Parfum'

P’Se Parfum'

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Soooo you’ve waxed the Puse! used out Brightening body scrub and your skin is extra silky!

lingerie laid out!! You’ve been sipping your Designa Vagina since yesterday!!! 

what is missing from this perfect night??? You grab for a bath and body works spray and go to spray it on your Puse and Miss Tamika the Puse’ God Mother pops into your mind and screammmmmmmmms! Noooooooooo 😩

Don’t you dare spray alcohol based body splash on your ph balanced Puse’!!!!!! I have the perfect thing for you! 
P’se Parfum!!! 

This is an intoxicating Aphrodisiac, with a blend of natural ingredients. It is formulated specifically for the sensitive Puse’ area.

It has a very sensual, intoxicating smell similar to our Luxurious Puse Sabon Soap! It will make the Yoni area smell most delectable as well make the room smell fragrant.

It will also address any issues of odor, sweating, irritation. 

If your significant other, enjoys going down to that special area.. make it an experience.. to remember.

Directions: To use, simply take a bit of the Elixir on your clean fingers and massage it onto the outside area of the vagina. This product is not to be inserted into the vagina. Discontinue use of irritations occurs.

Storage: clean and dark area out of direct sunlight 

disclaimer I am not a medical doctor nor make any claims to be! All products are hand-made some are imported! If you are extremely sensitive please inquire prior to purchasing! 
we do not refund or exchange not refund or cancel accidental orders