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Rossi Modo BB

The Under & Inner Glow Kit

The most difficult parts of our bodies to even put are the Inner thighs and the Under arms! But with a little elbow grease we can work on it!!

Key things to remember with the inner thighs you need to keep them separate while trying to even the complexion! So grab a pair of old panty hose or biker shorts!

For the underarms - its key to detox your under arms from deodorant before treating. And to no Longer shave but wax or thread your underarms! 

The Original kit includes:

Supreme Glow soap - our African Glow soap with lightening powders and Lactic acid. You will use this soap as directed; like a mask! Apply directly to the area and allow to sit, then rinse with cool water. 4oz

Brightening Body Scrub - our sugar scrub with a mild chemical peel! Use this scrub 1-2x a week! Applied directly to the area. Exfoliating is key! 4oz

My fair lady - our complexion cream is used to lighten and brighten even the toughest of areas! Use at night! For extreme cases please wrap clear cling wrap on the area after the cream is applied at night! The cling wrap will accelerate the skin renewal process. 4oz

The Deluxe kit includes the three items above and the Gel Exfoliant!

The skin renews every 6 weeks! Consistency is a major key to lightening even the toughest of areas on the body! 

under this treatment please wear a light sunscreen when outdoors on skin! You should be wearing sunscreen anyway 👀 

For stubborn areas! I always suggest a chemical peel first! We have offered a kit here with and without the chemical peel! 

Do you have really old dark marks??? add our Aha Gel Chemical peel to your kit!! 
with our Chemical peel it offers a very soft peel! 
Use the Chemical peel and allow to peel for 1 week then once the week completes you can begin with your Glow Skin kit! Do not use any of the glow products during your Chemical Peel down time. Always use the kit or the Peel on alternative weeks! 2oz