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A sweeter Yoni makes for a more generous man!

Name: Utter Moist

Does: sweeten your Punani to the taste ūüĎÖ makes your sweet river flow

taste: herbal tea-ish lol 

size: 5oz

SUGGESTED USE: follow exact direction on the label above for consumption suggestions. Consume half of the bottle prior too... action! 

or if you would like you can divide your bottle into 3 portions and drink on 3 different times prior to the main event. So 1/3 Thursday night, 1/3 Friday morning, the last bit Friday night 1hr prior to action! 

store in refrigerator  once received and after opening 

Think... liquid Sweetest time

No refunds or exchanges 

we are not medical doctors not make any claims to be! 
please consult with your physician if you have questions prior to consuming any thing! 

not safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women 

may contain nuts!