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Rossi Modo BB

Complexion kit

prior to using any skin product please check each label for ingredients for precautions for reactions!

Once you receive products please perform a patch test with each product before using on entire face or body - this will ensure you not have any reactions 

This kit is for someone who needs an entire complexion clearing overhaul! 
this kit includes:

-Complexion Polish - use 2-3x a week! 
-Complexion Cream Lux - use nightly as described 

-Visage - use on blemishes and entire face nightly

-Deluxe Glow Soap - nightly face and body 

- a pair of Exfoliating Gloves

all products are to be used nightly; NEVER during the day! 

Skin takes 28days to renew in this matter you will need to be consistent with your skin! You cannot forget to do your nightly routine because you’re tired or you forgot?! Your skin will show improvement with your tender love and care! It’s also important to wear sunscreen durinf the day time and cover up your skin until you’ve achieved the results you desire! 

Also please store your products in cool dry dark places 

it will also help to eat clean, drink more water, detox while you’re treating your skin! 

Get rest!!! And please change your pillowcases and sheets regularly especially with doing the treatments!