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Eucalyptus Sage Bundle

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Eucalyptus Sage 8"-9" . String colors may vary. Used in ritual, ceremonies or just for cleansing. Each smudge stick is 8-9" Long

Eucalyptus is used for protection, healing, and spiritual cleansing. Gathered from mountains, our smudges and herbs are known to purify places, objects and people.

light our smudges or burn the herbs to purify any surroundings and simply enjoy the wonderful scent of aroma.

Directions: light the bundle from the top for about 10seconds then gently blow it out. You may also crush the leaves an placed them on a burning charcoal tablet.

I personally use Eucalyptus for my upper respiratory health! I have severe allergies so I hang Eucalyptus in my shower, I burn Eucalyptus oil throughout my home and work place and these bundles are even better! 

store Inna cool dry place! 


please be cautious and burn safely

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