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Rossi Modo BB

Clean Nice Tight

30ct tablets as noted on label per purchase!
traditional Acehnese herb that is specially formulated for women who prioritize internal health and take care of household harmony. It is produced from a variety of selected herbs including: manjakani,

dense wood,kacip fatimah, jemuju and more

This combination of high quality herbs has been proven to be able to solve women's complaints and return to their original form. It can also moisturize and activate the natural fluids in the vagina, indirectly increasing and arousing desire and causing a special pulsating motion when together. .so that both parties can enjoy the perfect enjoyment.

Women who practice the regular use of taking the Herb capsules will rediscover their crown.

THE Efficacy and Uses of Herbal Medicine for Women's Heaven

* Tighten and beautify the shape of the breast and buttock 

* Raise and tense the back shape

* Flatten stomach(release bowls)

* Treating vaginal discharge and excessive mucus

* Eliminates grubs and launches menstruation

* Treating back pain and low body

* Eliminate fatigue and lethargy

* Added sexual arousal

* Slows down the process of menopause

* Tighten the vaginal muscles


* To maintain beauty and youth eat 2 capsules once a day before meals.

* To treat vaginal discharge and excessive mucus or tighten the vagina eat 2 capsules, 2 times a day before meals.

* For women after giving birth eat 2 capsules. 4 times a day morning and evening.

* Mix 3-4 capsules into 1.5 liters of boiling water and after the water becomes lukewarm use it to wash the vagina. ATTENTION- Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not allowed to take this Woman capsule

- If you eat these capsules for Women and excessive mucus comes out, it is normal to treat excessive mucus and treat your illness

-this product is not to be used during your menstrual cycle!

- Results vary! Results are seen as soon as 2 days after taking suggested doses above.


no refund or exchanges! 

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