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Designa Vag❤️na

Luxurious next level Yoni upgrade.⁣
This is purely made from Gorontula but with lots intoxicating bonding herbs infused. ⁣

This Elixir plus is way stronger than our normal gorontula syrup Punani Gum.⁣

DESIGNA VAG❤️NA is on the same level with PUNANI GUM as a sweetner but 5x stronger! ⁣**please refrigerate until the appointed time to use and after opening to preserve. Once opened please consume. You cannot open and let sit for months then consume. 

DIRECTIONS: This Elixir is a bit thick stir with a spoon first then proceed with directions to consume by mouth. Do not mix this elixir with anything! No water nothing - consume directly as described! 

Divide into 3 halves best taken on empty stomach!To be consumed. Suggested usage: take 1/3 Thursday pm; take 1/3 Friday am; take the last 1/3 30mins prior to intimacy that pm(evening)- giving yourself 12hrs in between each 1/3 dose! Please refer to image above for how to successfully divide your portions!

Incase of an emergency drink 1/3 prior to intimacy 30mins before but do not exceed 1/2 of the bottle! 

Click to watch video tutorial: VIDEO TUTORIAL

Ingredients: Goron Tula, honey, herbs 

size: 100ml(as pictured) 

Your man will yearn for you. 😈😈⁣

When your designa Vag❤️na is well garnished, you can reset his brain with luxurious s*xercise. Money won't be your problem either. Get your Designa Vag❤️na today and thank me later. ⁣

For those of you skeptical about using sweeteners. Gorontula is your best option....⁣

For both men & women⁣

use: menstrual irregularities, infertility, erectile dysfunction, low libido, mild infections(bv and yeast) 

**Do not mix with alcohol; unless you have consumed the product on its own and understand the potency 

**please refrigerate/freeze until the appointed time to use. And thereafter once opened. Product is created fresh weekly, consume once opened. It’s best to purchase a fresh brewed product when you’re expecting to use. 

not  safe for use while pregnant* 

not regulated by the f d a this is a foreign import*

Watch this video for instructions! 

not  safe for use while pregnant nor nursing or expecting mothers* 

these are imported items!

not regulated by the state 

I am not a medical doctor nor make any claims about my product! Results may vary with each person! 

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