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Rossi Modo Bath & Body

Fertility Kit

A traditional African fertility aid!

Each kit contains 1 4oz container of herbs and 1 fertility drink flush! 1 Yoni pearl cleanse! 

Drink should be consumed after your menstrual cycle!

3 shots(1-2tablespoon=shot) am and pm for the entire bottle!

Herbs should be mixed with local raw honey into a thick paste! Make the paste very thick! Consume 2 teaspoons of the herbal paste Am and Pm for 7 days of your ovulation cycle! 

It is imperative that you detox prior to this treatment! 
We now offer a pearl detox to help with the process and follow the calendar we provide then follow the instructions for the drink and the herbs! 

This is a one month supply!

God bless you on your fertility journey 🙏🏽

herbs and drink are imported from Africa!

A note from the owner… PLEASE READ! 

It is imperative that you know when and if you are ovulating!

it’s also important to know if your cycle is normal and that you are tracking your cycle days, your ovulation, and that you are intimate on your most fertile days. Have you had trouble before? Is this your first? Are you on birth control? 
Im all of the above and I survived cancer and healed my womb from getting a partial hysterectomy! All is not lost, you can do this!!! I did it!

The body: It’s also imperative that your body is at the most optimum peak to conceive! That means no alcohol, no smoking, no drugs, getting 8hrs of sleep regularly! No stress! Taking vitamins especially iron! I suggest TLC Nutraburst and Blossome(both are available on our website here- it’s what I took)! Making sure your weight is managed if not begin moving that body!! Consider eat as clean as possible and as close to an alkaline diet as possible! Your body is a temple, feeding it the right foods - clean as close to raw diet as possible! Minimal processed foods, fasts foods more plants, fruits and lots of water! I begin taking Our Goron Tula powder 2x a day! If not 2x I would take a tablespoon of Designa Vaginadaily! These products encourage fertility, balance your ph, and increases your mood to be intimate! 
The mind: speaking your new addition into existence! Positive thoughts around your conception! Meditate! Speak New healthy mommy affirmations daily! 
Your life: begin to plan for your new addition! Plan your days, organize your days and your life! Consider you will be adding another person to your life who will need you completely for a few years! So ripping and running and securing the bag will not be securing the diaper bag! 

I also suggest  our steams  if you suffer from menstrual irregularities! Taking our Clean Nice and Tight or Effeminate Embrace as daily supplements again these products help to encourage fertility, balance hormones, and will get you ready for conception! 

Praying for your new addition! 

not F d A approved 

I am not a medical doctor nor do I claim to be nor claim any medical claims with any products! Any results provided are strictly confidential. We do not claim any results all results may vary.