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Rossi Modo Bath & Body

Fertility Kit

A traditional African fertility aid!

Each kit contains 1 4oz container of herbs and 1 fertility drink flush! 1 Yoni pearl cleanse! 

Drink should be consumed after your menstrual cycle!

3 shots(1-2tablespoon=shot) am and pm for the entire bottle!

Herbs should be mixed with local raw honey into a thick paste! Make the paste very thick! Consume 2 teaspoons of the herbal paste Am and Pm for 7 days of your ovulation cycle! 

It is imperative that you detox prior to this treatment! 
We now offer a pearl detox to help with the process and follow the calendar we provide then follow the instructions for the drink and the herbs! 

This is a one month supply!

God bless you on your fertility journey 🙏🏽

herbs and drink are imported from Africa


not F d A approved 

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