Long Distance Stulla
Long Distance Stulla

Long Distance Stulla

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(this product contains alcohol)

This is got the men who need more man power in the bedroom! No worries we have you covered! 

This is herbs/plant extracts infused in food grade spirit.
Medicinal values: It is an energy/immune booster
*Increases sexual libido, strong/good erection
*Increases sperm count
*eliminates quick ejaculation and delay time.
*Back ache & waist pain Remedy
And lots more of other medicinal value, good for your health.

instructions: drink 1-2 cups(measured cups) 30mins-1hr prior to intimacy! 

8oz African herbs and spirit drink(this product contains alcohol)

must be 21yo to consume! Please drink responsibly 

not regulated by the f d a this is a foreign import*