Long Distance Stulla
Long Distance Stulla

Long Distance Stulla

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(this product contains alcohol)

This is got the men who need more man power in the bedroom! No worries we have you covered! 

This is herbs/plant extracts infused in food grade spirit.
Medicinal values: It is an energy/immune booster
*Increases sexual libido, strong/good erection
*Increases sperm count
*eliminates quick ejaculation and delay time.
*Back ache & waist pain Remedy
And lots more of other nutritional value, good for your health.

instructions: drink 1-2 cups(measured cups) 30mins-1hr prior to intimacy! For effects to take place. Results vary.

8oz African herbs and spirit drink(this product contains alcohol)

must be refrigerated upon receipt and kept refrigerated after opening 

must be 21yo to consume! Please drink responsibly 

not regulated by the f d a this is a foreign import*


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