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Themra Epimedium Macun aka MAN-Honey is natural aphrodisiac made from natural ingredients. It is also may be called Horny Goat Weed as the main ingredient is epimedium (or incariin). It stimulates the blood flow to sexual organs in that way increases the sexual drive. It is made from natural products and not chemical substances.

The epimedium herb is grown in Asia and Europe. The effect of the aphrodisiac was noticed when the animals were gazing it’s leaves. After that they were mating. Nowadays, the herb is used in Chinese medicine to combat erectile dysfunction. Also it’s prescribed to both sexes with low sexual drive. It was found also that the men can experience increase in sperm count and overall sexual satisfaction. It is also observed that women who uses the epimedium macun after menopause feel more pleasure, less fatique and hypertension.

The reseach in 2008 has shown that the main substance of epimedium is incariin. The American Chemical Union conducted a research led by Mario Dell’Agli and his team found that incariin improves blood flow in the genitals, mainly by biding enzyme SHGB, which blocks the biological activity of testosterone. In that way it has impressive results combating erectile dysfunction. It is noted that it increases sperm count in men by strenghening the attenuated organisms and also increases the sexual satisfaction both in men and women.

The epimedium macun is made of other natural products such as flower honey, ginger, gingseng, cinnamon, vanilla, pollen, royal jelly. The taste is a mix of sweet and bitter flavors. The product is tasty and at the same time formulated to live more active sexual life, enjoy it more and forget any premature ejaculation or impotence problems.


Glucose syrup (78,61%)
Straine flower honey (11,12%)
Mulberry molasses (3,78%)
Pollen (1,57%)
Epimedium aka Horny Goat Weed (Incariin) (0,79%)
Carob (0,63%)
Oat (0,63%)
Ginger (0,63%)
Lesser galangal (0,47%)
Cinnamon (0,31%)
Maca (0,31%)
American ginseng (0,16%)
Nettle (0,16%)
Siberiang ginseng (0,13%)
Ginkgo biloba (0,13%)
Red Ginseng (0,13%)
Pumpkin (0,11%)
Tribilus Terrestris (0,11%)
Cola nut (0,08%)
Vanilla flavor (0,08%)
Royal jelly (0,06%)


It is recommended to mix the contents of the jar thoroughly before consuming the product. 1 (no more than 2) TEASPOONS of product is enough. ON EMPTY STOMACH After about 20min you will feel the effect of increased sexual drive.

However, it all depends on your weight and metabolism…so it is good idea to first try smaller dose, like half a spoon and see what happens and later increase to a teaspoon. 

once opened please store unused contents in the refrigerator 



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