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Rossi Modo BEAUTY

MpF Jell

20ct capsule or Single capsule - options to choose from!

** 1 single capsule will allow temporary tightening and a climax for the full experience a full 20ct capsule package is required. Single capsules are considered a sample however still provides the full climatic experience 

A Party starter and eruption accomplishment!

These little Jells are climaxxx capsules used to increase intimate sensitivity, increase your orgasmic climax, tighten, and even provide dryness solution! 

Directions: insert 1 Jell nightly or incase of immediate usage use 30mins minimum before intimacy with suppository stick applicator or clean hands a middle fingers length inside your Yoni! Please allow 30mins to completely dissolve for full effect, please allow at least 30-45mins from the time of insertion to intimacy. Best if used without any taking any alcoholic beverages or any herbal smoking product! 

This product is not intended for oral intimacy. If your partner prefers to perform oral intimacy on you and you prefer to be tight, please refer to “clean nice and tight” or “effeminate embrace” those are edible tightening products.

Ingredients: Cnidium monnieri(Cnidium is most commonly used forincreasing sexual performance and sex drive, erectile dysfunction (ED), and skin conditions,), evening primrose, musk, rabbit silk Evodia rutaecarpa, polygala tenuifolia, rosemary, grape seed, propolis, rose essential oil

not for breastfeeding or expecting moms! 
not to be used on your menstrual cycle 

not to be used for oral intimacy please use Effeminate Embrace or Clean Nice and Tight for oral Tightening tablets 

Results vary! By the end of use(20jells) tighteners will prolong over a period of time and lesson over time. These are not permanent effects only short term. 

there are no refunds or exchanges on these products. In the case you feel any irritation please STOP using and seek medical attention!

Please read ingredients to be sure of no allergic reaction. 


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