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P’Se VirGel

3ct P Virgels in one order it works best in 3 however you can purchase 1 for a 1x use. 

P’Se VirGel a quick fix Snap Back Gel, PH balancing Vir-Gel Something a woman should keep in her Puse Maintence Treasure Chest! 

100% Natural herbs tighten and balances your ph.

one time use product; for intimacy please use product minimum 6hrs prior to intimacy. results vary on lasting effect anywhere from 1-5 days! For ultimate tightness I suggest use (1) tube a day for (3) days in a row for best results.

Main Ingredient of Puse VirGel:

Radix Sophora Flavescentis, Radix Angelica Sinensis, Fruit Cnidi, Cortex Phellodendri Chinsis, Cortex Pseudolaricis, Rheum Officinale, Radix Stemonae, Borneol.

Application of P’Se VirGel:

1. For sterilization in the private parts of woman

2. Helpful to repair cell and improve cell regeneration

3. Bacteria is excreted from the body (as a preventive measure)

4. Restores functions, retards aging process and delays menopause

5. Moisturizes & nourishes vagina
How Puse VirGel Works:

This product has good inhibition effect on pathogenic bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus, candida albicans and escherichia coli, and also can relieve itching, which is suitable for the daily disinfection, cleaning,nourishing, lubricating and moisturizing of females.

This product cannot be used for oral intimacy! Please complete your treatment prior too Atleast 1-2 days prior too as to not cause reactions in your partners mouth! 

Effect of Puse VirGel:

1. Bacteriostat(Staphylococcus aureus, candida albicans and e. coli.)

2. Relieve itching

3. Dispel Unpleasant Smells

4. Clean and nourish Puse’
Usage of Puse VirGel:

1.Clean the vulva before your bedtime, lying down and raise the hips

2. Remove the protective cap of applicator, and gently insert the Pre-filled applicator into the Puse’ only as far as it will comfortable go.

3. Take out applicator from Puse’.

4. Wash hands and discard the applicator

5. Keep hips raise 5-10 minutes,Once daily, 1 piece each time

Note on Puse VirGel :

1.Do not use gynecological gel during menstruation

2. if you are pregnant or if you are a virgin avoid using gynecological Puse VirGel, if you are allergic to any ingredients of the tampon (see the ingredient listing above)

3. This product is only for women's reproductive tract for external use only.

4. This product is one-time use only, packing damage is prohibited to use.
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