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Piquant Puse’

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Meet Piquant Puse’ the Arromatic Puse’ Refresher you never thought you needed... hell it saved my life over the weekend!!

Details: refreshes intimate area, vanishes vaginal odor, excessive Puse’ discharge, and helps to kick mild infections like BV ass!

It’s Puse’ Parfum’s MUVAAAA! You can actually put it into your Puse’

I’ve finished a bottle since last week🤦🏻‍♀️! It smells freakinnnnnnnnn amazing!!!!!! Like our Luxurious Puse’ Sabon times 10!!!

directions: twirl the wand inside your Puse’ whenever needed, rinse wand before returning to bottle 

Suggestive use: Use cotton/organic tampon take a little, and insert, leave for 15mins and remove the cotton  and discard in the trash 




Or you may apply in and around your Puse’ with a plastic applicator! Results vary but may stay in the body 4 to 5days,depending on the individual if applies with the tampon method!


it helps to cleance the Puse’.

It gives the Puse’ a good smell especially with odors that can occur when your ph is unbalanced 🐠🐠🐠🐠

Mostly used after A Woman's Menstrual Cycle

treats mild infection

eliminates Puse’ odor

✅✅✅keeps the Puse with or without being intimate.


Available www.Rmbathbody.store We ship 7–10 business day after order placed! We ship world wide Shop our store location: 13600 Baltimore Avenue suite #110 inside Phenix suites Laurel, MD! Thursday-Saturday!


Not safe for use while pregnant* 

not regulated by the f d a this is a foreign import  

not F d A approved 

I am not a medical doctor nor do I claim to be nor claim any medical claims with any products! Any results provided are strictly confidential. We do not claim any results all results may vary. 

There are no refunds or exchanges