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Rossi Modo Bath & Body

Puse’ Rocket

A discreet mood booster, LubriCAN , and heavy on the sweetener

  • intended for oral intimacy  
  • Directions: insert 1-2 tiny Puse’ rockets into your Yoni cavity. 30mins prior to intimacy! Index Fingers length. With clean hands. Or you can add 2 tiny Rockets to a clean and empty suppository applicator, insert the Rockets with the suppository applicator inside the Yoni cavity, release the Rockets inside your Yoni cavity, await 30mins before intimacy 
  • not to be used while pregnant or breastfeeding 
  • 8-10pc in each order - regular
  • size 20pc - XL size 
  • shelf life is 6 mo - store tiny jar in a dry and dark place 

ingredients: kuki dadi 

no returns or refunds 

Video explanation:


Not safe for use while pregnant or breastfeeding * 

these are imported items!

not regulated by the state 

I am not a medical doctor nor make any claims about my product! Results may vary with each person! 


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