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Rossi Modo BEAUTY

Vitamin S

The ultimate drink elixir for any woman who has an issue getting her happy ending! 
we’ve taken the best of all our libido elixirs and products and combined a drink elixir that ensures to get you to that happy ending! 

makes your natural juices to flowwww like really flow!

Puts you in the mood! 

We compiled our designa vagina, scorpio honey, puse crystals, royal honey, jamaican fly, spanish fly, thai fly, aphrodisiac powders, intimacy sweetners, intimate wettness powders, crazy water, uttermoist - into 1 drink!!

Now if this doesnt make the queendom happy!!!!!!!


Directions: Drink consume 1/2cup of elixir 30mins prior to intimacy on an empty stomach 

*results do vary 


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