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Wickedest Slam

Each purchase includes 3 pill suppositories

Directions: insert 1 inside PU’SE with suppository stick comfortably inside 30mins prior too…

Seduction aphrodisiac pill, aphrodisiac, enhance sexual desire, lubricate female vagina, nourish firming, activate ovarian cell regeneration. The core ingredients of Xiaohei pills are Chinese medicine extract and precious plant essential oil, natural safe ingredients, mild and non-irritating.
White orchid essential oil, relax the mental state, add Qing rhyme, eliminate tension, strengthen sexual ability. Sandalwood essential oil and ylang ylang essential oil stimulate female hormones, improve sexual sensitivity, enhance sexual desire, improve sexual apathy, and increase marital interest.

Jasmine essential oil and Perilla essential oil nourish the female reproductive system, warm the ovaries, delay aging, relieve menstrual pain, relieve uterine cramps, and improve the premenstrual group;

Activate ovarian cell regeneration and prevent premature ovarian failure. Rosemary essential oil nourishes and lubricates the female vagina, prevents the aging of vaginal cells, restores the elasticity and tension of the vagina, and makes the vagina naturally shrink, narrow and tighten.

Maintain a healthy vaginal microecosystem.
Traditional Chinese medicine theory, the latest scientific formula, product safety and mild, fragrant smell, quick effect. Increase female charm, temptation unlimited.

not for pregnant or nursing moms!

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