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Rossi Modo BB

Glow Complexion Oil

In your skincare journey to clear glowing skin! 
cell renewal and hydration are key!! And exfoliating, don’t forget it!!! 

nonetheless this amazing Blemish clearing Body Oil is here to not only hydrate but help with cell renewal!!

after a nice bath, while skin is damp, apply an ample amount to body! You can spot treat on the face but this oil isn’t to cover your entire face! Mainly from the neck to your toes!!

Apply at night and watch the glow transform by morning! Add this to your nightly routine! You can stop when your results are achieved and then sporadic To keep the glow!

DOOOOOO NOTTTTT wear during the day and PLEASE avoid direct sunlight 

5oz size 

expires 6mos from the day it arrives to your home! So use it and get more!!