Goron Tula Powder
Goron Tula Powder
Goron Tula Powder
Goron Tula Powder

Goron Tula Powder

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Goron Tula powder 

Benefits: ✅ Increases Fertility in women

✅ Aids in reducing menstrual cramps

✅ Boosts libido

✅ Eradication of vaginal odor

✅ Helps with the lubrication of the vagina and aids in reaching orgasm in females.

*It make sex pleasurable for you and your partner
*It cures weak erection
*Antibacterial, Antifungal, Antioxidant
 *it serves as natural sexual enhancement for both male and female
*makes men last long in bed
*it stabilizes blood sugar
*it improves men semen
*it helps to maintain diabetes, high blood pressure
*it helps with vagina infection(Bv)
*Natural intimate upgrade

*cleanses the body system from toxins
*helps with menstrual issues

🌿directions are on packaging - 1 cup of milk/tea/pap per entire Satchet 

✔️And the results have been amazing.
No doubt we have different kinds of body and some absorbs faster than some

Its a raw nut no need to refrigerate.

Each order contains 1packet

Suggested use: mix with a smoothie(milk based) or yogurt(milk based) because this is a grounded nut simply adding it to tea won’t mix well. Yogurt or smoothie are best. 

not regulated by the f d a this is a foreign import*