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Rossi Modo BB

Honey Moon Kit

I made this kit a few times each time someone going on their honey moon! Adding it to the site for easy browsing!! ⁣

Kit includes:⁣
✅ Ukku bit - ph balancer, Tightener, lubricant ⁣
✅ Needle eye glue - lubricant that will snatch his edges 👀💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼⁣
✅Punani Gum- aphrodisiacs, secretion increaser, mood booster⁣ - 

** refrigerate until the appointed time to use.
✅Designa Vagina - 10x stronger aphrodisiacs, ph balancer, erection extender⁣

**please refrigerate until the appointed time to use.

✅Needle eye pill(24ct) - Punani jaws of life grippppp⁣
✅ Puse Rockets(10ct)- sweetner, wetter yoni, libido boost

Rose intimate wear bonus gift 

Not be used if nursing or pregnant 

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