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Rossi Modo BB

Honey Moon Kit

I made this kit a few times each time someone going on their honey moon!

The ultimate toolkit for any vacation!

Please⁣ before using any product please read the usage and effects of each product prior to use!

Kit includes:⁣
✅ Ukku bit - ph balancer, Tightener, lubricant ⁣
✅ Needle eye glue - lubricant that will snatch his edges 👀💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼⁣
✅Punani Gum(120ml)- aphrodisiacs, secretion increaser, mood booster⁣ - 

** refrigerate until the appointed time to use, during, and afterward
✅Designa Vagina(120ml) - 10x stronger aphrodisiacs, ph balancer, erection extender⁣

**please refrigerate until the appointed time to use, during, and afterward

✅Needle eye pill(24ct) - Punani jaws of life grippppp⁣
✅ Puse Rockets(10ct)- sweetener, wetter yoni, libido boost

Suggested use for a 3 day stay:

Night 1 - Needle eye pill 2-3hr prior, Needle eye glue 30mins prior, Either Elixir you choose 1/3 30mins prior 

Night 2 - 1/3 of an Elixir 30mins prior, Puse Rockets - insert 1 30mins prior to intimacy

Night 3 - 1/3 of an Elixir 30mins prior, Needle Eye Glue OR Ukku Bit(if you want a tightening effect)

Night 4 - no ACTION you will detox from the Needle Eye Pill and will need to sustain from intimacy.

Now if you're going for longer than 3-4 days you have the choice of using the Ukku Bit on the first night by itself with the Elixir portion. If you definitely want a tightening effect you need to be aware that after 3 days you will need to sustain. So plan the 3/4th day to be your return day home!

Not to be used if nursing or pregnant 

all products are imported ingredients are posted under individual product descriptions - please each before using each product

not regulated by the f d a this is a foreign import*

There are no refund or exchanges of any product  


 I am not a medical doctor nor do I proclaim any Cures or results. Products are taken by clients own cognitive. Results will vary. 

there are no refunds or exchanges!