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Rossi Modo BB

Incense Collection


From as far back as I can recall people have burned incense and sage. Most notably In the Bible Frankincense and Myrrh were given as gifts and often referenced.Sage is another notable tool to burn!

We now offer from India:  
Call customer, Good luck, call money, seven magic miracles, War Micheal incense all available
Incense has many physical and psychological benefits and spiritual effects on our minds and bodies

FOR SPIRITUAL REASONS -- it is believed to the point that the ring of the smoke that ascends high into the air conveys our prayers and request to God as well as to divine beings. The incense incense sticks smokes symbolises morality or excellence.

PSYCHOLOGICAL REASONS --the smoke spreads fragrance that leaves a huge calming and healing impact on the brain. This also refers you some assistance in improving your concentration power when u offer a prayer to God with extra ordinary .dedication. *Acts like a reflective procedure that reduces anxiety and misery.
*Drives away negative energy around you or in your space
*Stimulates creativity and boost confidence
*Acts as an air freshener and antibacteria *Induces sleep and help fight against insomnia
*Increases motivation and positive energy.

-GOOD LUCK AND CALL CUSTOMER --It brings good luck and diverts customers to you. Even as an online store, I burn this every morning as a routine with other incense.
-CALL MONEY Cones -- it actually smells like mint money with a very nice fragrance. My favorite 😍 Best when you drop money draw oil on it b4 you burn, it works like magic.
-SEVEN MAGIC MIRACLES -- this incense is a must have. It consist if seven miracle powers which are wealth, happiness, prosperity, blessings, long life, love and good health. 

Notice I burn my incense in the morning or when I’m at my store! I like to read my favorite Psalms when I Do!