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Complexion Cream

Complexion Cream

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“Formerly My fair lady”

We have changed our label and name but the product is exactly the same!

A pro-mixture that will clear your complexion with consistent use 1x a day; at night only! Until desired results are achieved. (2 weeks will indeed lighten your complexion 5-7 shades)

please avoid direct sunlight will using the product 

Ph balanced for face and body face 

directions: apply a liberal amount on desired area at night. During the day please wear protective clothing and sunscreen. 

Ingredients: base cream consists of wax, mulberry extract, Snow White oil, snail oil, brightening serums, alpha arbutin oil, Kojic acid, glutathione gel

***to increase results or for faster results use clear seran wrap - yes! At night Use the cream, wrap the area with cling wrap, put on some sweat pants and go to bed! Remove in the morning! 

bottle is 4oz 

 pair with our glow or supreme glow soap and Complexion Polish (scrub!)

store in cool dark area or refrigerator