Needle Eye Kit!
Needle Eye Kit!
Needle Eye Kit!
Needle Eye Kit!
Needle Eye Kit!
Needle Eye Kit!

Needle Eye Kit!

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Because you can use Needle Eye glue alone but you can’t use the Needle Eye Pill on it’s own!!!

This way you won’t lock hubby out of your Yoni!

ONE Needle eye pill is to be inserted 1hr into your Yoni prior to your love session! Allow it to dissolve completely the minimum is 1hr.

Use the Needle Eye Glue 30mins-immediately before your session should be inserted into your clean Yoni with the  medicine dropper. Please rinse the dropper before returning it to the bottle after use. 

Both items come with instructions and details!

you can insert the needle eye pill well before 1hr, effects last for up to 2 days. The minimum insertion prior to intimacy is 1hr so that it dissolves. 

*Needle Eye Pill is also a detox insert! use 1 pill every other day for 3 days; as a Yoni detox. Using 3 total. For example Monday, Wednesday, Friday; then allow 3-5 days to detox your Yoni. Please wear panty liners during this time. 

in the case of intimacy of one pill is used you will have detox results 2-3 days after

Kit includes: 12ct pill inserts and 1-15ml jar of Glue! 

** please do not mix sweeteners with these products! 
** this combo is not for oral intimacy 

Enjoy the kit! Tell a girlfriend!!!

not  safe for use while pregnant* 


videos that help:


not F d A approved 

I am not a medical doctor nor do I claim to be nor claim any medical claims with any products! Any results provided are strictly confidential. We do not claim any results all results may vary.