Rossi Modo BB


A probiotic for your Puse’ 

Use: balancing the flora of your Puse’ 

Ingredients: Bacterium Lacticum, Bifidobacterium
Galactococcus, Gelatin Capsule (Titanium dioxide Glacial acetic acid Sodium lauryl sulfate Polyethylene glycol 6000), Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) 29%, Starch(Amylopectin) 5%.

1. Rapid antibacterial repair, deep cleansing and detoxification, and elimination of inflammation in private parts. This is to resolve Yeast infections or BV(bacteria vaginosis) 
2. purify the Puse’ environment, remove Puse’ odor, itching and discomfort.
3. Helps to reshape the vaginal acid-base balance environment, is not conducive to bacterial breeding so these help to eradicate that! 
4. Reproduce the tightness of the vagina, maintain the private parts, and solve the repeated problems of the private parts.


Directions: 2hrs prior or before bed; insert 1(one) single Puse’biotice with clean dry hands/or applicator(we sell these here on the site), insert into your Puse’ cavity index finger length!
✅These can be used prior to intimacy or after intimacy if you notice after intimacy BV occurs! 
For intimacy 2hrs prior! 

best to do before bed!

  • please wear a panty liner following 
  • these can be taken daily or for a few days to balance your flora from a women’s wellness issue! 
  • If you are currently experiencing any BV or yeast issues please use nightly as a treatment and please DO NOT BE INTIMATE

 These can be a preventive treatment or an active treatment orrrrr a general upkeep product to use. 

if there are no current issues and you just want to have your girl down there on cloud 9 - use whenever you would like. 

Protection from Light and Oxygen

  • Shelf-Stable Bottle
  • No refrigeration required with the patented protective bottle that keeps the organisms alive longer!

I am not a medical doctor nor make any claims to be. All products results vary. 

Not safe for use while pregnant* 

not regulated by the f d a this is a foreign import  

not F d A approved 

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