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Rossi Modo BB

Test Strip

Feel a little odd?? Wondering if your Pink Portal is upset?
Want to try a sweetener but not sure if your PH is balanced? Grab one of these and in the comfort of your home know if something is a little off!

With a cotton swab directly take the female Yoni discharge at the test strip, about 30 seconds in the normal light, temperature and color cards are compared to get the result.
How to use Female Self-Test Card
1. Using cotton bud, gently collect a small amount of fluid from the Yoni  and apply it onto strip. after 30 seconds, compare the color of the strip with the color test chart. interpretations are also provided on the test chart. if shows any inflammation or infection or any disorder, please consult with your gynecologist.
2. Diabetic patient, doing hormone therapy, woman in period and pregnant woman should not do this test.
3. Before using the tester, in last 24 hours, please avoid from having intercourse, using Yoni douche, using bath tub, and either for consuming any drugs.
4. Keep this tester well. keep away from sun light, store in dry place. Expiry date: 3 years from production.