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Ukku Bit in the Jamaican culture means Tight Yoni

❗️It’s clear

❗️lubricant - creates a never ending slippery oooey gooey bonding effect to your partner 

❗️Tightening - kegel effects 

 Not intended for oral sex! NOTE TO BE USED FOR ORAL SEX! NO EXCEPTIONS! 

 Directions: Insert into Yoni minimum 30mins prior to your intimate session! Half of our ml dropper in the product bottle more or less for each session. Please rinse the dropper before returning to the bottle - if the dropper isn’t cleansed properly a strong odor will develop as well a watery consistency- that will let you know the product is spoiled. This product is extremely sensitive. Once you mix your bodies ph with the product back into the bottle and close it - the ph’s will mix and spoil the product! May be used as often as you desire not to exceed 1x per day. 

Suggested use when not being intimate: use nightly to combat mild infections. Simply insert 1ml of the product into the Yoni each night for 5 nights. 

If there is an alarming smell once you have used the bottle and closed it without washing the dropper throughly that means the product is now spoiled. It is a clear sign that you have mixed your natural secretions with the product. 


active ingredient are: Goron Tula and herbs 

not safe for use while pregnant* 

 there are no refunds or exchanges!

video description:


not regulated by the f d a this is a foreign import*

There are no refund or exchanges of any product  


 I am not a medical doctor nor do I proclaim any Cures or results. Products are taken by clients own cognitive. Results will vary.